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Sunday, November 30, 2008

This Time Of Year...

Although it is my favorite time of year, sometimes I forget how chaotic it can be. I haven't been to mass in a while and am trying to use the Christmas season as an incentive to go. Yes, I know that church pretty much is it's own incentive, but give me a break. Anyways, we have a new priest and I had not heard his sermons before this morning. First off, I have to admit that I was a little shocked at how young he is. I grew up in a church with a younger priest (probably in his 40's), but have had only older ones since. Father is rockin' a shaved head...how cool is that? OK, so his homily was about making sure we aren't so overwhelmed with celebrating the season that we forget the actual MEANING for the season. Sometimes I think we do that in life, you know. We get so caught up in what we are doing that we don't think about WHY we are doing it. His example was going to Target for toothpaste. Well, you know how Target is, you walk in and there are a zillion things that you realize you need (want, whatever!). Then you check out with a full cart, load up and head home. Once you get home though, you realize that you forgot the toothpaste, the whole point in going to the store. His homily really hit home with me. I do this everyday I think, not just at Christmas time. I want so badly to be a good mom that sometimes I don't just take the time to play with the girls. I want so badly to have a clean house and cook wonderful meals (I didn't say it always happens, just that I want it!) so that Eric will think he has a great wife, that I don't just sit and talk with him or just BE a great wife. In this season, we think so much about gifts, food, and trying to squeeze in as much Christmas spirit as is humanly possible that we forget the whole reason that we celebrate this holiday...Jesus. I realized as I was sitting in mass that Layla doesn't know the Christmas story. No, not "'Twas The Night Before Christmas", but the TRUE Christmas story. I don't think that I talk to her about Jesus and God very much. That is going to change. I remember growing up and hearing about Jesus's birth all the time. I remember fighting with my cousins about who got to light the Advent candles. I remember getting dressed up to go to Midnight Mass, because we were celebrating the birth of Jesus. I want my girls to remember these things and then hopefully pass them on to their children. I think that listening to Father today made me realize that ONLY by taking the time to play with my girls and making sure they are safe, healthy and happy is the ONLY way to be a great mom. Only by taking the time to talk with my husband and be there for him unconditionally is the way to be a great wife (although, I am SURE that he wants the clean house and well cooked meals too!). And I KNOW that the ONLY way to truly celebrate this season is to remember the reason we celebrate; because our Lord and Savior was born. So, on that note, I will try very hard to do those things. I will start reading the Christmas story to her every night. We probably won't actually light an advent candle as there are little ones in the house and that could be a safety hazard, but maybe we could do something out of construction paper so she understands the point. We will go to mass regularly and plan on going to Midnight mass. It will probably just be me and her as Eric will not want to go and want to stay with Jillian, but who knows, maybe he will and my whole family could be together; my wonderful husband, 2 beautiful daughters and a mom that is trying just as hard as I can.

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darcilyna said...

what a sweet reminder... but don't get down on yourself! just do the best you can... I think it's awesome you want to help your family remember the TRUE reason for the season;)