"I'm a mother, I'm a lover, a chef, a referee. I'm a doctor, and a chauffeur seven days a week. I ain't asking for a medal, yeah I know you work too. I'd just like a little credit where credit is due. It's the hardest gig I've ever known. I work my fingers to the bone. Yeah the dishes and the diapers never stop. Lousy pay, there ain't no 401K. I know this may come as a shock, but this here's a full time job!"--Full Time Job sung by Gretchen Wilson

Friday, August 13, 2010

Five Question Friday!

Hello Friday!

It has been a wonderful week. I turned 31 yesterday and had the best birthday! I had a great lunch with my family (including my parents) and got some great shoes and a little quiet time. It was a wonderful day!!

It is time for the Five Question Friday over at My Little Life. Read my answers, then go do your own. Make sure you link up!

1. Have you ever visited another country? Yes. My hubby and I went to Jamaica for our honeymoon and I have also briefly been to Canada.
2. Where is the strangest place you have ever been? Los Angeles!
3. What is your favorite season? Fall: Cool weather, hats, and football...doesn't get much better!
4. What one song will always cheer you up? Me & Bobby McGee By Kris Kristofferson (SP?) sung by the one and only Janis Joplin!
5. What Disney character do you resemble most? I have NO idea. Wow...that is tough. I'm going to say Nemo's Daddy (I can't remember his name!). I would go anywhere for my kiddos!

Have a great day!
With Love,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Three

Yes, I have already posted once today (about 20 mintues ago actually), but I was catching up on some other blogs and saw this bloghop and thought it sounded fun and easy! :) So, Check out this one and do it yourself!

3 Things that Make Me Happy (my husband and children are not included in this, of course they make me happy..usually!)

1) Finishing a kntting project. And starting a new one. I LOVE the feel of completing one item just to cast on another!

2) Getting a phone call from the library telling me a book I had on hold is in!

3) My dad...I LOVE it when my dad calls me and we chat. He and I are very close and have gotten even closer as I get older. He is a wonderful carng man! I love ya dad!

Have a great one!!

Jinkies...It's A Clue!

Happy Tuesday everyone! It has been a very frustrating day with 3 crabby and unlistening children, but made a little better by L running around yelling "ZOINKS!!" and trying to solve a "mystery" with J's help! It is actually very cute, my little Shaggy and Scooby Doo!

shaggy and scooby doo Pictures, Images and Photos

As it is Take It Off Tuesday, I will fill you in on the weightloss journey. This week I worked super duper hard. I lost 3.2 pounds!! That brings my total to 64.6 pounds. My original goal was 70 pounds by my 31st birthday. I have since changed that to 80 pounds by Thanksgiving, but it is pretty cool to be so close to my original goal. I'm hoping I can really kick some arse tomorrow (and the rest of today) and maybe get another .4 pounds off to make it an even 65 pounds on my 31st birthday (which is Thursday). I would be pretty darn proud of that!

I did do the newspaper article for our local paper. It should come out on Sunday the 15th. I will share a link if I can find one when it comes out. I was pretty nervous about doing this. The article was a lot more about Obesity in America and how that effects my area. I HATE that word, Obesity. Yes, I know that it is a problem, but it is such a negative word and makes people feel ashamed when they have weight to lose. The journalist that interviewed me said they were having a difficult time getting people to interview, especially women. So, I sucked it up and decided tat if sharing MY story could help even just one person, then it was my responsibility to share it. I hope I didn't sound like a complete idiot and I hope the picture they took of me is at least remotely decent. I guess we will see come Sunday huh?

I am super tired today so I am going to go for now. I've finished 2 books since last we talked so I have a couple of things to share tomorrow! :)
Have a great one!
With love,

Friday, August 6, 2010

5 Question Friday

Happy Friday!! It is Friday...here are some things you might not know about me! Read my answers, go to My Little Life and get them for your blog. Don't forget to link up!

1. Are you a neat sleeper or a messy sleeper?
A little of both, but more of the neat sleeper. I do usually kick off the comforter in the summer though.

2. Fill in the blank. I wish I was more ________________.
faithful. This is something I am working on right now. I'm getting there.

3. What is something that you wish you had been warned about?
How hard it is to be a mom. It is NOT all sunshine and roses. It is a difficult job!!

4. What was the best thing you ever found at a garage sale/flea market?
I have no idea, I really don't. I can't think of anything. I don't do a whole lot of garage sale shopping or flea market shopping.

5. If you could have any meal brought to you right now, what would it be?
My Grandmother's peirogies

With Love,

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What To Wear Then??

OK, I have a RANT!!! I am sick to death of the fashion industry!!!

I am a 30 year old woman (let's forget that I turn 31 next week, OK?). I am a Stay At Home Mom. I spend a lot of my time at the gym, at home, or on playdates with friends (both with my kids or without!). I know that I am not the world's most stylish person, I admit that fully. However, I like to at least look decent, even if not wearing the latest fashions to show on "Project Runway".

Now, I have lost weight, that isn't a secret (I'm down another 2.2 pounds this week, but gained 2 last week somehow, so no biggie. I'm down 61.4 pounds total). I won a MACY's Gift Card through my Biggest Loser contest and went to the mall to see what I could find. NADA. Seriously. It is SO frustrating! I am too old to shop in the Juniors section, but too young to shop in the Misses section. I don't want to look like a teenager, but come on! I don't want to look like I'm 50 either! Now, I don't normally shop too much at MACY's because it is usually out of my price range, but I figured I would see if I could find anything. I found a few cute things, but just felt they made me look too young, too old, or just too dang goofy! Or, the few things that looked decent were WAY out of my price range or I just wasn't willing to spend my free $25 on them.

So, my question is this...WHY CAN'T THE FASHION INDUSTRY DESIGN THINGS WITH THE 30 YEAR OLD MOM IN MIND?????? There was a joke among my friends that we need to have a "Forever 31" store instead of "Forever 21"!!

Bottom line, I just wish SOMEONE would design an AFFORDABLE line of clothes with Moms like me in mind!!!

OK, done. How are you today??
With Love,

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting To Know You...

Getting To Know All About You! :)

It's Sunday, so today's Meme is from MannLand5! Check mine out, go to her page, get the questions, answer them on yours and don't forget to link up! Leave me a comment though so I can visit you!

Getting to know YOU

1. If you were to win an award today, what would it be for?
Best In Ignoring a Meltdown? J had a huge meltdown right at naptime because she wanted to play and not sleep (shocking huh?). I just stuck her in her bed and ignored her. At first I thought this question asked which award I would want to win...but alas, that is a question for another day! :)

2. What is your shoe style?
OMG, I LOVE shoes! Love them love them love them! Unfortunately I mainly wear sneakers right now just because I am usually at the gym at least once a day so I stay in them the rest of the day. But, if I have a choice, I wear heels. I love heels. I do not care that I am 6 feet tall and heels only make me taller. I married a tall man for a reason!!

3 Does your car reflect your personality?
Mini-van...reflect my personality? Probably not. Although, I love my swagger wagon!!

4. If you could take over someones body for a day..whose would you choose?
Who's Bruce Willis's significant other these days? If not her, than I choose Reba McEntire. She seems like she has a fun day all the time!

5. Love or be loved?
Both really, but I choose Love. Sometimes it is more difficult to BE LOVED than it is to love!

6. If you were on death row, what last meal would you choose?
Fried Green Tomatoes to start, Peroigies, Fettuccine Alfredo, Garlic Bread, Steak (rare), Corn On the Cob, My grandmother's cinnamon rolls, cheesecake, and chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. Yes, that is a lot. But, it is my last meal, I don't care about carbs, and if I'm not going to be around after this meal, then who cares how stuffed I am!!

7. Have you been on vacation this Summer, if so where?
The kids and I went to my parents' house. Not so much a vacation, but a visit. Besides, in the immortal words of Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen from Modern Family on ABC), "I'm a mom, it's not a vacation, it is a business trip!"

8. What is your favorite food related guilty pleasure?
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, fried green tomatoes, cheesecake, oh my, the list goes on and on. But, probably chocolate and fried green tomatoes mostly (not together...ew!)

Have a great day!!
With Love,