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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Book Review

OK, so I had to take a little break on Pride and Prejudice for just a little bit for 2 reasons. One, I have to read every word at least twice. Now I pride myself on being a fast reader and I can usually comprehend pretty well what I read, but this book is just about KILLING me. If I hadn't made a promise to myself to read it, I would SO stop! But, onward ho! The second reason is that I had 2 books come in that I had put on hold at the library, Cross Country by James Patterson and Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. I have to get them both back to the library before P&P has to be back, so I had to take a little bit to read it. So, I finished Cross Country so here is my review:

Cross Country
Author: James Patterson
This might be a bit of a spoiler so if you haven't read it and plan to, then you MIGHT want to skip it. Anyway, the book was pretty good. Eric and I are big fans of the Alex Cross series. This one was typical Cross fashion. I did figure out who the bad guy was before the end of the book though. This book was a little more political than his usually are, sending Alex Cross to Nigeria, Africa to chase a killer. There was a lot of portrayal of the horror in Darfur. I have to admit that I really haven't paid too much attention to what has been going on over there. As bad as I felt for those people, it has been difficult for me to listen to it all, but this book really opened my eyes. I know that it is a fiction book, but I am going to guess that it is pretty spot on with what is happening over there. Like I said, the ending was fairly obvious, well, except for the last couple of pages. But, on the whole, good read. If you haven't read any of the Alex Cross series, I highly suggest them. Patterson writes really well.

I am still working on Breaking Dawn right now, so I will let you know what I think of it (and the entire series) when I finish. It is going pretty quickly.

I am currently retyping what I had typed on my own novel. I am so frustrated. I had quite a bit typed up, and I tried to put the disk in and it won't pull it up. So, I am retyping. Thank the LORD mom made me learn how to type, I would be a bit screwed if she hadn't!

I worked out a TON today. I went to Body Pump Class and then did my second installment of the Couch to 5K program. So, I burned off a lot of calories and worked up a good sweat. I feel really good though, although my legs are a little weak. Feels good!

All for today,

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