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Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm Here, I Promise!

So, I have been TRYING to blog every couple of days, really I have! But I have been having computer and phone issues and it just hasn't happened. I apologize. Hopefully it will all smooth out! So, wondering what has been going on?

Well, my first cantoring experience was AWESOME!! I loved it! I'm really just so happy that I did it. I just felt like it was what I needed to be doing. I received a lot of compliments too, which I have to admit made me feel pretty awesome, although I completely realize that is NOT the point! At the end of mass, Father told everyone to go in peace, I started announcing the closing song, and he realized he had forgotten something, so he had to interrupt me. But, no biggie, everyone laughed and we went on. It was an experience though that I will most definitely repeat!

We got a lot of snow this week. L actually had her first snow day on Tuesday which she was SO NOT HAPPY ABOUT! We stayed in and watched a movie and had popcorn. It was fun! We are supposed to get more snow this weekend. I went and bought a pair of snow boots. I have not had snow boots in SO long, so long in fact I don't remember when I last had a pair. They are pretty heavy but are warm and fuzzy. I think I like them. Come on, they are shoes, of course I like them!

Right now I am trying to get the house in order for the family get together tomorrow. Technically it is supposed to be pretty low key, but I still worry about the chaos in my house. I really don't know how my aunt Terri did it when we were growing up. She had 3 kids in the house that were hers, and me there pretty much 24/7 and her house was ALWAYS SPOTLESS!!! I wish I could hire her to come and just keep my house clean! :) But, alas, that is not possible. So, I'm going to get busy again and try and get my house to look as good as possible. Hopefully no one will judge me and we can just have a great time!

I hope you are all having a great day!!
With love,

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