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Friday, January 7, 2011

Leap Of Faith

Wednesday evening, I took a very big leap in my faith. Back in September, I joined the choir at my church. I started going to canto practice a couple of months ago, but wasn't really ready to be a cantor yet. I firmly believe that if you are a leader in church (a lector, Eucharistic minister, cantor, etc) then you should have a firm grasp on where you are in your faith. Now, not completed in your journey, because I don't think we ever actually do that, but just a good idea of what you believe, why you believe it, and where to progress. I'm not sure I am quite there. I had been away from the church for awhile, but since being back, I am really starting to "get it". L asks questions and I feel like I am a little better equipped to answer them. She started going to Sunday School this fall and her Pre-school is faith based, so she is learning so much. I wanted to be able to keep up. But, I haven't really been sure I was ready to cantor yet. Wednesday night, our choir director realized she had no cantor for Sunday morning mass. Something inside me volunteered. I'm not even really sure where it came from, I just found myself saying, "I'll do it!" So, I am preparing. I am nervous. Not really nervous about the singing part, but the timing and the leading. I was telling my mom this and she told me she felt the exact same way when she became a Eucharistic minister. She discussed this with the Sister at church. Sister told her that it was better to be humbled by the experience than to feel that you deserve it. So, I am extremely humbled to become a cantor. I just pray that I can praise God in the best way possible with this voice he gave me. I have to admit, I may be extremely nervous, but I am super excited too!!!

I want to remember those that aren't with us anymore!!! We love you and miss you!
With Love,

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