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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Humble Pie

This morning was an example how one experience can make you feel so many emotions, it is difficult to even comprehend them all. My beautifully talented daughter, L, sang at church this morning with the Little People’s Choir. They do this twice a year, at Valentine’s Day and at Thanksgiving. It is about 10 kids all under the age of about six standing in front of the altar singing their little hearts out and doing a little sign language. What they lack in music ability, they make up in pure enthusiasm and volume. It is just about the most adorable thing you could think of! L stood up there before mass and sang “Jesus In The Morning” with a huge smile on her face. Then after Communion they sang “His Banner Over Me Is Love” complete with arm motions. It is so cute! I was lucky enough to be able to cantor this morning as well. I really enjoyed it; the music selection our choir director came up with was great. The “Allelujia” was particularly fun, as it was very soulful and I was able to play with it a little bit. My cousin and L’s Godmother came to mass with her family to watch L. It was great to see them. Well, the homily this morning was fantastic. I have typed and re-typed trying to explain as Father did, but I am really unable to do it justice. Just know that it was very moving and inspiring. Well, I stopped into the Sacristy to tell Father how much I enjoyed mass and particularly his homily. He thanked me and then gave me one of the best compliments I think I have ever been given. He told me that he truly enjoys my singing during mass and finds it inspiring. WOW! For a Priest to find something I do inspiring was both humbling and flattering at the same time. Then L stuck her head in the door and Father told her what a great job she did singing too. He told me what a beautiful family I had and he was so thankful that we belonged to the church. Seriously, I did not think it was possible to feel so humble, flattered, proud, and inspired all in one morning. I truly felt God’s presence this morning and am grateful that I have found my way back to the church.

It has really been a wonderful weekend. Yesterday, we went to my niece’s 4th birthday party. It was a lot of fun. We went to a skating rink and everyone had a great time. E and I even got to skate hand in hand. Yes, it was completely corny and cheesy, but so fun. It brought back a lot of fond memories of skating parties when I was younger. We even put L and J in skates! They weren’t really sure the first time around, but started enjoying themselves once they forgot about falling and just tried to enjoy themselves. Then we went to Mass this morning and afterwards L and I went to WalMart for a couple of supplies. She asked me if I would make Banana Pudding for dessert tonight. After her wonderful performance this morning, how could I even refuse? After we got home I did some computer work and then we cleaned the house. The toys are all in their boxes and the laundry is all done. It’s been a good day!

The computer work I did today was to get a Biggest Loser Contest set up. I really didn’t expect it to be huge, but seriously, we are talking about a lot of people! I am so excited. The winner of this contest is going to win a lot of money. I am going to quite literally work my tail off to give myself the best shot possible to win. I started gaining back some of the weight I took off last year, and I just refuse to let it go any further. I want to hit my goal! I am seriously excited about this!
With Love,

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