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Friday, February 11, 2011

Back To Blogging

I am seriously so excited! I now have a fun new little toy that will enable me to blog much more often and should make it much more convenient to do so! I am very excited about this. In case you can't figure it out, I just got a new computer. Be patient with me though as I am still trying to figure out the new bells and whistles! :)

So, you are probably wondering what has been going on? A lot of course! The kids are crazy and we are all super tired of this weather. Last week it snowed and iced and we couldn't really get out much. Then, to top it off, L had Strep. This was our first experience with the dreaded sickness. I really felt bad because apparently she had had it for a week and I wrote all her symptoms off as the stomach flu. But, she tested positive for it and we got her on anti-biotics and she is doing MUCH better now! Back to her normal self and eating us out of house and home. I swear the kid has a hollow leg!!!

J is doing OK. Speech therapy is going very well and she is doing great! I am trying to get the paperwork in order for her to get going with GLASS where she will actually go to Pre-school anywhere from 1 to 3 days a week for therapy. She really is speaking so much better though. The other night at dinner, she said a full prayer. I was so happy, I had tears coming out of my eyes.

Our Captain Stinky-pants, aka M, is getting so big. He is just a big bulldozer. I'd call him a bully, but he's so sweet about it I just can't. He gives these huge open mouthed smooches that are just adorable. He is starting to say many words too. He is saying "mama", "bye", "cracker", "tractor", and "boo". It is very cute. If you ask him where people are he will point to them. He loves to play with his basketball goal and throw everything like it is a ball.

Things in my life are OK. I have been trying to get back onto the weight loss track, but I just have no motivation. Actually, let me clarify that. In my mind, I have the motivation, but am having trouble making actual progress with it. I have decided to start my own Biggest Loser Contest on Facebook and hope that that will help with the motivation, since it did at this time last year.

I have been doing a lot of knitting. I hope I can get some pics up of things here shortly. I have had a lot of people ask me to make things for them. I just have trouble pricing myself. There is NO WAY to actually get paid for the actual work I put into them, but I would like to make a LITTLE money. I am trying to do some research to figure out how to better price myself. Anyone have any other advice?

I have been reading a lot this year. I need to fix my list at the right of the books that I finished in 2010. I also have a list to put up for 2011. It seems like I am reading a lot of Para-normal fiction recently. I just finished Kitty Goes To Washington by Carrie Vaughn. I did enjoy it. I like how the books take a different perspective on the genre. It seems that most of the para-normal fiction genre revolves around a main character vampire with werewolves in the background. Kitty in these books is a werewolf and the books are all about how she struggles to keep her human life in balance with the Wolf inside of her. I am currently reading Kitty Takes A Holiday and am enjoying it too!

What else? Well, I am super duper tired of this weather. I want spring. I know I live in the WAY wrong state for not liking cold weather, but I can't help it. Actually, I don't mind a little of the cold, but this is getting ridiculous! At least I have pretty and fun knitwear I can use!

Finally, just in case you were wondering, my grandfather is doing okay I guess. He fell earlier this week so that set him back a little bit. He is okay, just a little sore. We are hoping that he will be out of the hospital and home by the end of the month. Thanks for all of the prayers!

I hope that you all have a wonderful day! God Bless!
With Love,

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