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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everywhere An Oink Oink!

It is Thursday! And that means it is time for a little Fiber Therapy! I have been busy working on lots of different projects in my incredible amounts of spare time (excuse me as I take a 20 minute break to laugh my head off here!). Before I show you what I have completed, let me explain a little something about knitters.

There are 2 different kinds of knitters: process knitters and product knitters. A process knitter pretty much knits for the relaxation that is knitting (usually). They enjoy the repetition of wrapping the yarn, the feel of the yarn sliding through their fingers, and the clickity-clack of the needles (assuming they use metal needles as I usually do) or the soft warm feel of bamboo needles. These are knitters that finding themselves stranded on a deserted island would simply frog (also known as rip out) whatever completed product they have just to knit it again so they can continue knitting. Product knitters are the opposite. They knit for the end result. They want something tangible at the end of their hard work. Product knitters want to put that hat on and wear it proudly. On an island a product knitter is going to finish their project and then go in search of grass or fronds or something else to knit another project with. (I can't take credit for the island references. I read them in a book by the Yarn Harlot, but unfortunately can't remember which one. But, I read it and it stuck with me. If you have to know which book, check them out yourself. They are great reads!!) Which kind of knitter am I you might be asking yourself? Well, I am mainly a product knitter, but with a little bit of process knitter thrown in. I live for the end result, which is why I don't do socks...they take too long, you have to do 2, and I like a little more instant gratification. Now that doesn't mean that I won't knit something with smaller needles or thinner yarn, because I will, I just make sure that I have smaller projects always going on so I can still have my finished projects.

There is also another way to categorize knitters. Some knitters are monogamous, meaning they will only have one project on needles at a time. They finish a project before they start a new one and rarely every "cheat" on a project. Then there are what I call ADD knitters. ADD knitters have many projects going on at a time, rarely less than 3. They commonly fall prey to "startitis", an affliction that is made worse by an addiction to Ravelry (see my post here about the wonderfulness that is Ravelry). Now me? I am an ADD knitter!! I admit it proudly. I currently have 6 different projects on needles, 2 that I am in the final process of finishing, and another that I will probably Cast On (aka start) for today. I jump from project to project depending on my needs at that moment. Sometimes I need to just get something done. Sometimes I need simple knitting for TV/Movie viewing knitting. Sometimes I want a bit of a challenge or something that I actually have to pay attention to (lace and cables are good for that!). Sometimes I need something portable (Which is why I ALWAYS have a hat on needles. Some people use socks for this purpose, but as you probably know, I don't do socks!). Sometimes, I just get sucked into something and can't take my mind off of it. And sometimes I get an idea for someone else and just have to make it right then and there.

That was the case this week. My friend Mary put a post on Facebook about needing to find a pig nose for her son's performance as Wilber in his school's production of Charlotte's Web. The catch? She only had about 2 days and would have had to pay big bucks to have a $2.50 piggy snout shipped to her in time. After reading this, I remembered a pattern that I had seen on the aforementioned addiction Ravelry and told her I could knit one up for her. This is an instant gratification project PERFECT for an ADD Product knitter like myself!!


Project: Adapted Swine Flu Mask or on Ravelry here
Made with Caron Simply Soft, Soft Pink and Black
Size 7 needles
WAY easy!!

I hope to have pictures of her son wearing it soon!! Hopefully she will let me post them as I would love to see the "Oink Oink Here" Nose in use!!!

Well, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and children are running wild. We are going outside! Have a great day!
With Love,

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Little AJ said...

This is so flippin adorable!!!!!! You are so creative and talented! What a great friend you are. LOVE THIS :)