"I'm a mother, I'm a lover, a chef, a referee. I'm a doctor, and a chauffeur seven days a week. I ain't asking for a medal, yeah I know you work too. I'd just like a little credit where credit is due. It's the hardest gig I've ever known. I work my fingers to the bone. Yeah the dishes and the diapers never stop. Lousy pay, there ain't no 401K. I know this may come as a shock, but this here's a full time job!"--Full Time Job sung by Gretchen Wilson

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Never-Ending To Do List!

Do this, do that, do this, do that...Does it ever feel like that list ever ends? Mine doesn't. It seems like every day, that list just gets longer and longer! Laundry, dishes, laundry (5 people, lots of laundry!), pick up toys, clean out closets, make dinner, vacuum floors, wash floors, make sure kids aren't killing each other, and that is just normal mommy stuff! I also need to hem the sleeves on 4 shirts for my dad, finish my commissioned knitting, and find time to make it to the gym almost every day! I know all moms go through this, just sometimes it feels like so much. And there are plenty of days when all I would really like to do is sit down and play a game with my beautiful daughters! I have a hard time remembering that the chores will always be there and the kids will only be this little for this long. I MUST do better to remember that!!

So, what IS for dinner tonight? Well, dinner is being made courtesy of my good friend Natalie over at Mommy On Fire. After M was born, she brought us this AMAZING buffalo chicken. I LOVED it so much and have been craving it. Well, found out that she has the recipe posted on her blog. So, Check out her recipe for Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches!!

To thank Natalie for supplying this recipe (although she doesn't actually know that I linked to it...oops!), I want to encourage everyone to do something for me. She is up for a BLOG award at I AM MOMMY. So, please, please please go check her out. Scroll down to "Most Inspirational" Blogs and click on "Mommy On Fire". You don't have to join anything to vote, just go check her out and PLEASE vote for her. I would love for her to win this. Natalie is an UNBELIEVABLY strong woman who inspires me greatly. She is a wonderful writer, and even better friend, and a beautiful beautiful child of God!

Well, gotta get to that To Do List while kids are napping! Have a great day everyone! See you for weigh-in tomorrow!
With Love,

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Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Well, now, didn't you just bring tears to my eyes?! Thank you, dear one. You are so kind and thoughtful to encourage others to cast a vote my way.

I hope the sandwiches were yummy and of course, you can link away anytime you want, girlfriend!