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Friday, January 2, 2009

The Year Of Accomplishments!

Happy 2009! I can hardly believe that it is 2009. As I watched the Rose Bowl yesterday, I couldn't help but reminisce about my trip there in 2000/2001 to watch Purdue play. That was such a great time. With the exception of Eric and the girls, probably one of my most memorable events (Eric wanted to know how he was an event when I told him this, but y'all know what I mean!). Walking down Hollywood Blvd, almost getting shot on Sunset Blvd., seeing places like Whiskey A Go Go and the Viper Room, spending NYE at Hollywood Park and Casino in the Brown Sugar Club, just AWESOME experiences, things I will never forget!

But, it is a new year, time for new things and to think about in which direction I want my life to head. Of course that usually means RESOLUTIONS, (AAUUGGHH!!). I have decided instead to make OPPORTUNITIES for the year 2009. Not just short term goals, but ideas that will better my life for the long run. I turn 30 this year and I want my life to have more direction than just wife and mother. As much as I love being a wife and mother, I want more, so here goes:

1) I want to get fit again. I would like to be the fittest I can possibly be by the time my birthday hits in August. I've been saying that I want to be the fittest I have ever been, but considering I was in really great shape in high school, that was over 10 years ago, and I have had 2 children since then, that may be reaching to do in 8 months. So, I want to be as fit as possible. I plan on working out A LOT and eating right. I am not going to set a number that I want to weigh, I think that is my downfall. I get to obsessing about that and forget to just enjoy life. So, no numbers, just fitness. I figure if I work out right and eat right, the numbers will follow. :)

2) I want to knit a sweater for myself. I know that doesn't probably sound like a big deal to you non-knitters, but it is. A sweater is quite the undertaking, especially your FIRST sweater. I have the yarn and it will be more of a cardigan than a sweater with cap sleeves so I can wear it over other shirts throughout the year, but it will be a sweater non the less.

3) Finish my book. A couple years ago, I started writing a book. I think that I have a great idea and started out great. Then life got in the way and I haven't gotten very far since. So, this year I want to finish it. Of course, after that I would love to get it published, but we will cross that bridge when it gets here. For right now, let's just work on getting it finished!

4) I would like to read more classic novels and reread the books I read when I was younger. I LOVE to read, but often read a lot of junk. Yeah, it makes me happy to read Chic Lit, but it probably doesn't do much to expand my brain, so I plan on reading some more classic things like Of Men and Mice and Wuthering Heights (did I spell that right?). I also read a lot when I was younger and would LOVE to revisit those books, like A Wrinkle In Time or The Yearling. Finally I want to reread books that I read in high school and college that I didn't really appreciate, but read because I had to, like To Kill A Mockingbird and A Farewell To Arms. If you have any other suggestions, please pass them on, I'd love to hear them!

Well, I think those are great opportunities for me. Not only to expand my mind, but help my body and make me a better person. Wish me luck in my pursuit of them and stay tuned as I will update you as I go along!

I also hope to blog a lot more about what is going on in my life. Often it is just diapers and grossness, but sometimes things get interesting.
Until then, God Bless,


Mary said...

Good luck with all of your goals. You have made them challenging enough that you will have to stretch to reach them, but that's what makes it fun! I know you can do it! I would love to provide positive feedback or encouragement as you get back into your book. Writing is a solitary activity, but having a support group of writer friends really helps. I'm here to help in whatever capacity is, well, helpful! All the best to you in 2009!

darcilyna said...

just watched a movie that talked alot about the book jane eyre... so i am intriqued and would like to read it. thought you might be interested, too. your list is challenging to me, also, thanks for sharing!