"I'm a mother, I'm a lover, a chef, a referee. I'm a doctor, and a chauffeur seven days a week. I ain't asking for a medal, yeah I know you work too. I'd just like a little credit where credit is due. It's the hardest gig I've ever known. I work my fingers to the bone. Yeah the dishes and the diapers never stop. Lousy pay, there ain't no 401K. I know this may come as a shock, but this here's a full time job!"--Full Time Job sung by Gretchen Wilson

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting To Know You

It is time again for MannLand5's Getting To Know you! Check out my answers, then go do your own. Don't forget to link up!

Getting to know YOU

1. Thong or Granny Panties?
Do you really really want to know this? Seriously? Ok then, I guess I will tell you. We will just say, it isn't granny panties! :)

2. If you see a guy with his fly down, do you tell him?
I don't know if I ever have seen some dude walking around with his fly down, but yeah, I think I would tell him.

3. Spanx or no Spanx?
On a normal day, no spanx, but if I am dressing up or the outfit demands it then, yes. Absolutely Spanx (well, generic Spanx, but spanx-ish)!

4. Do you sleep in your sheets?
I'm not sure I understand the questions. Yes, my bed has sheets on it. Yes I sleep between them. This question is confusing. I am going to answer yes, I do sleep in my sheets.

5. What is your favorite Disney character?
Nemo. He is cute, determined, and sweet. I like him.

6. Dream vacation spot?
Can I go back to Jamaica please? No? Well, how about Cancun or Bermuda? Some place warm? Oddly on the flip side, I would love to go to a cabin in the woods and just hole up for a week with the hubby, good food, good alcohol, good books, good movies, and LOTS of knitting!

7. What is your dream job?
Lounge singer! :)

8. Who is your hero and why?
I think I have heroes for different aspects of my life. My overall hero is and has always been my cousin Jennifer. My "mommy" heroes are my good friends Natalie and Casey (who has a blog, but I don't know the address...Case, send that to me!!). Both have little children and seem to handle them with grace and patience. I strive for that daily! My knitting hero is The Yarn Harlot. My music heroes are Janis Joplin and Garth Brooks. Finally, I'm sure someone will say I shouldn't have my hubby as my hero, but I do. E works very hard to provide for the kids and myself. He is patient, sweet, and kind. I love him very much and I know that he loves me. He is most definitely one of my heroes!

I will be back tomorrow to actually write a bit more. Sorry I have been a little MIA. Life has gotten kind of crazy!!
With Love,

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