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Friday, July 9, 2010

Randomness, Complete Randomness

Sorry for being MIA the past couple of days. The computer has been a real Pain In My Butt and keeps freezing up on me. It is getting SO frustrating! So, where was I?

I didn't miss much on Wednesday I guess. I didn't have a book finished. I do now, but I think I am going to make you wait until next Wednesday to hear about it. Sorry! :)

Fiber Therapy Thursday about broke my heart! I had been working on a log cabin baby blanket for J's Speech Therapist. Well, after thinking about it and being realistic, I decided there was NO way I would get it done in time. She is leaving at the end of August so I would have to have it done by then...I'm NOT that fast of a knitter! So, I went with a different plan and decided to make a baby sweater. I have always wanted to try the Baby Surprise Jacket designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Now, what is special about this jacket is that apparently you knit this random wonky somewhat rectangle and then fold it origami style into a sweater. I decided to go for it! All was working out fine, I was about half way done. Then I REALLY looked at it and saw that I had ROYALLY screwed it up. I mean BAD! So, instead of going insane, I mean trying to figure out my mistakes, I just ripped it all out. So, I am back to where I started. I cast it on again last night and can hopefully figure out what I did wrong last time. The problem for me is that Zimmermann's patterns are written more like stories and not like patterns. They are a little difficult to follow the first time. I am going to sit down I think and actually write the pattern out for myself, maybe that will help.

Random Friday stuff:

1. Still working on my 101 things in 1001 days. I would like to start this on August 1st, so I am trying to come up with my list. This is a lot more difficult than one would think it would be. I'm really having to think carefully. This isn't a life bucket list. There are several things that I would REALLY like to do in my life, like go to Alaska or Europe. But, in reality am I going to be able to do those things in 1001 days? In a word, NO. So, I have to think of things that are going to stretch me as a person, but are not out of the scope of reality. This is much more difficult than one would think it would be. Right now I am at 12. I've got a while to go, huh?

2. Watched Lady Gaga
lady gaga Pictures, Images and Photos

on the Today show this morning. I've not really been a huge fan, but have respected her musical talent. I have to admit, she was pretty fabulous this morning. She has this really amazing low deep voice and as an alto I totally respect that! She plays the piano amazingly too. I just don't get the craziness. But, I guess it is really no different than what KISS did, is it? KISS wore crazy make-up and had insane show antics, and they are awesome. I guess I just find it a little sad that it seems her actual musical talent is overshadowed by all the craziness and theatrics!

3. I'm tired of picking up toys! Seriously, I have picked up toy after toy in this house, even after having the girls pick up toys. It is getting ridiculous! I think we are in for a good toy clean out!

4. Am majorly annoyed at people thinking a Stay At Home Mom doesn't work all day. Even more annoyed at the fact that sometimes it is previous SAHM's that seem to think this.

5. SO excited about FINALLY getting to go see Eclipse next Wednesday!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! Did I mention that I am excited about this?!?! :)
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OK, well, that's all for today. Have a great day everyone!
With Love,

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Jamie said...

You know, I never really got Lady Gaga, but I guess I'd better get on the bandwagon. Even my mom likes her.

Eclipse - sooo good! So much more than just the teenage romance thing. Tip - don't take your husband. You'll just end up answering all his questions about the technicalities of being a vampire/werewolf. If he's anything like my husband, he'll expect Tolkein-level details from Stephanie Meyer. Yeah, not happening.