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Monday, April 26, 2010

Lasagna City

It is almost 8:30 at night and the kids are in bed. I am pretty tired, so I am going to post this really quickly. I have had some requests for my lasagna recipe and for the WW version of lasagna my friend Erica game me. Here you go:

WW Lasagna:

1 bottle of Vodka Sauce
15 oz. Fat Free Ricotta Cheese
10 oz Frozen Spinach, thawed/drained
1/2 c. low fat (or 1 c. fat free) shredded cheese
1 egg white
1/4 t. nutmeg
9 no boil lasagna noodles

Heat oven to 400 degrees. Combine ricotta, spinach, egg white, and nutmeg. Spoon 1 c. of vodka sauce on bottom of 11x7 pan (spray pan first). Layer as follows: 3 noodles, half the ricotta mixture, 1 c. sauce, 3 noodles, rest of ricotta, 1 c. sauce, 3 noodles, remaining sauce. Bake 20 minutes. Sprinkle with cheese, bake 5 more minutes. Cut into 6 servings (6 POINTS each).

My Lasagna:
12 no boil lasagna noodles
15. oz Ricotta Cheese
1 egg
4 c. shredded mozz. cheese
1 T. oregano (or Italian seasoning mix)
garlic powder
1 pkg provolone cheese
1 pound ground beef (I usually use angus or sirloin)
2 jars spaghetti sauce
3/4 c. water
1 pinch nutmeg
1 pkg. of sliced pepperoni
1/2 c. parm. cheese

Heat oven to 375. Brown ground beef (I'll often cut up an onion and brown with beef and throw in some garlic too!), drain if needed. Add one jar of sauce and water to ground beef. Stir in the pinch of nutmeg. Mix up ricotta, egg, 2 c. mozz. cheese, oregano, and a good sprinkle of the garlic powder. Spray 9x13 pan. Pour 1/2 of other jar of spaghetti sauce into bottom of pan, spread around. Layer as follows: 3 noodles, 1/2 of ricotta mixture. 1/2 of provolone slices, and 1/2 of pepperoni slices, 1/3 of beef and sauce, 3 noodles, rest of ricotta, provolone, pepperoni, 1/3 beef and sauce, 3 noodles, rest of beef and sauce, 3 noodles, other half of second jar of sauce. Sprinkle with 2 c. sauce and 1/2 c. parm cheese. Cover tightly with double layer of aluminum foil (tip...spray foil, cheese won't stick!). Bake for 60 minutes (take off foil for last 10 minutes of baking). I HIGHLY suggest you put a large cookie sheet under the pan to catch spills...my oven is a MESS! Take it out of the oven and let sit for 10 minutes to set. ENJOY!

I hope that you enjoy these! Let me know if you have any questions. For the record, MY lasagna is SO NOT DIET WORTHY!!!! But, it is OH so good!!! Have a great day everyone!
With love,

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Mhel said...

Vodka sauce? mmmm kinda interesting.... Love the idea. Would love to try that... Dropping by from SITS! U