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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Week To Go (Take It Off Tuesday!)

So, I had a great week weightloss wise! I lost another 3 pounds this week! I am really pleased with that. Especially since I splurged at my mom and dad's house and downed an order of Applebee's Chili Cheese Nachos and had some REAL ice cream (as opposed to the low-fat crap that I suck it up with!). It is good to know that one day of high fat food isn't going to cripple my efforts as long as I don't do it every day. So that is 36.6 pounds total, which is over half way to my ultimate goal of 70 pounds. It makes 14.6% and my goal for the contest is 15%. I only need to lose about 1 pound in the next week to hit that goal. Of course, I will try and lose all of the poundage that I can in this last week of Biggest Loser. I have earned 2 One Pound passes in the contest too. I have been in the top 3 so hopefully that will continue and I can pull out a win!!

Nothing more exciting to post today as I am tired and my eyes itch SO bad from these stupid allergies. Have a great day!
With Love,

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Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

you inspire me and motivate me. I need to be more aware of what i put in my boy...i say this as my husband is on his way home with cin. rolls lol