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Friday, May 6, 2011

5 Question Friday

Happy Friday!  This week has been a pretty busy one for our household.  It isn't over yet though, we still have a lot to do.  So, I'm going to take a moment and do My Little Life's "5 Question Friday".  If you want to participate, read through my questions, then go check out Mama M's site, get the questions and link up.  Let me know if you do so I can check out your blog too!!

1. Have you ever had roommates?  Yes.  I have been very lucky.  I have only ever had one bad room mate (my freshmen year in college).  The girls I was lucky to share a dorm room or an apartment with have been fabulous.  Stacey, Jen, Tracy, Jen, and Lisa, I love you all!

2. How many names do you/your children have? (i.e. Prince Charming William Phillip Arthur Louis John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt)  All three of our kids have a first, middle, and last name.  That's it.  What I think is neat is that all three of them have 2 "L"s in their first name and 2 "E"s in their middle name.  All their first names have pop culture origins, although that wasn't really our plan, it just sort of happened that way.  L is after a song, J is after a popular physical trainer, and M is after a character on a TV show we love to watch.  All three of their middle names are after their grandfathers or great-grandfathers.

3. Did you watch the Royal Wedding?  No, I really had no interest in watching it.  Also, it was on at 4 am here and there was no way I was waking up that early!

4. What is the messiest room in your house?  Currently?  Either the toy room or the girls' bedroom.  I try and keep those clean, but it is a losing battle.

5. What is your ideal mothers day?  For me, it would be not having to cook and getting a lot of time to knit and read, but also lots of time to just play with my kiddos.  This Mother's Day, I will be singing in 2 masses and watching my oldest "play" soccer.

With Love

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greenTXmom said...

My kid's names meanings are all spread out....our 2 oldest have our middle names and my youngest is named after 2 grandparents. :)
Glad to have found your blog through 5QF.
I am now following you. :)