"I'm a mother, I'm a lover, a chef, a referee. I'm a doctor, and a chauffeur seven days a week. I ain't asking for a medal, yeah I know you work too. I'd just like a little credit where credit is due. It's the hardest gig I've ever known. I work my fingers to the bone. Yeah the dishes and the diapers never stop. Lousy pay, there ain't no 401K. I know this may come as a shock, but this here's a full time job!"--Full Time Job sung by Gretchen Wilson

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pre-school Graduation

I can not believe the time has come that my beautiful L has graduated from Pre-School.  The past 5.5 years have gone SO fast.  She was very cute today as they sang songs and received their "diplomas".  L received an achievement award for being a "Terrific Helper".  I am very proud of her!!

I also wanted to let you know about a contest my sweet friend Natalie is doing over at her AWESOME blog Mommy On Fire.  Natalie is an uber-talented writer and is incredibly inspiring.  She has been a wonderful support to me as I have found my way back to my faith.  I really just can not say enough wonderful things about this kind, sweet, beautiful woman.  She cares so much for the people around her, she is a wonderful mother, and she is an incredibly strong believer.  I adore Natalie.  So, I really really think you should go check out her blog!!!  Besides, she is giving away a $20 gift certificate for Dayspring.  There are some seriously cool and inspiring things for the home there!!  Again, it is Mommy On Fire!

Have a great Wednesday!
With Love!

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