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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Books As Art (Fiber Therapy Thursday)

My good friend Carli taught me to knit in June of 2007. Since then, I have immersed myself in the knitting culture whole heartedly! I knit every opportunity that I get, I pour over patterns both in books and online (see last weeks post on Ravelry). I can stare at and feel up yarn for HOURS! I LOVE to look at other people's knitting. I can talk about knitting all day, arguing if straight needles are better than circulars, wood vs. metal, and whether I am pro or con for acrylics (I am pro, except for Red Heart, YUCK). But, today I am going to stray from the subject of actual knitting. Instead, how about we talk about the art of the knitting book.
There are probably just as many knitting books out there as there are knitters, and believe me, that is a lot! If you have never looked through a knitting book before, you are missing out! The Knitting book in and of itself is as much of an art form as the knitting itself Pictures after pictures of GORGEOUS art work are in these books. And not necessarily just the pictures of the knitting, but the organization of the book and all the petty scripts and other illustrations, they are just gorgeous! I don't think I can say that word enough...GORGEOUS!

Some of my favorites are Boutique Knits, French Girl Knits, Knitting Little Luxuries, and Inspired To Knit. I just realized that these are all put out by Interweave Press...I guess that I must really like them huh?!? In all seriousness, if you get a chance, just check these books out for the pictures alone, even if you aren't into the whole knitting part! Other fun books are the Stitch & Bitch series. What great reads! Knitting Magazines too are great works of art...check them out!

Next week I will fill you in on the whole knitting blog phenomenon! It's even crazier!!!

Till then,
With Love,

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